Saturday, 23 March 2013

...and some more horrors

Following from a comment on the last post...

Damage to a seating face, and a big lump of silicone blocking an oilway to the rocker pivot

Silicone in the sodding valve collets! Seriously! Actually, I have the previous butchers address on some invoices, maybe I should give him abuse? Prick! So, here's a rundown so far:

Ignition timing set to the full advance figure static
Knackered generator stator
Wrong top gear cog
Worn, brazed and badly filed gearbox selector pivot
Awful wiring
Leaky fuel tap
Stripped threads
M6 bolts in 1/4" BSF holes
Missing primary drive spacer
Wonky clutch
Cracked rear brake drum
Wrong thread nut graunched on to rear brake plate torque bolt
Cracked front brake plate
Wrong nut cross threaded to hold the front brake lever on the brake plate
Random bolts holding it all together
Wrong way round piston
Silicone everywhere
Damaged rod
Dirt and filth inside the engine and gearbox

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