Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Beware of the bodger...

Good job no-one reads this, I only seem to update it every time the Pope changes.
The enfield is still revealing some utter horrors. The rear brake drum had a massive crack, pretty much every stud/threaded hole has had the wrong thread graunched on, and now I find the front brake plate has a crack too. It has a milled slot that locates on a lug on the fork leg, and transfers the braking torque to the rest of the bike. The shoulder that does that is almost off, a combination of a sharp corner (should be a nice big radiius), and a sloppy fit meaning it hammers every application. Plus, it's been owned by at least one complete clusterf*ck of a human determined to kill future owners. Ho hum.
I also made a slight screw up. Remember me struggling to stop the clutch fouling? Whilst trying to sort it, I'd not attached the clutch operating lever thingy on the other side. Turns out this locates the mainshaft. Without it, every time I put the clutch on or took it off, the right hand mainshaft bearing slid to the right, taking the shaft with it...No damage done though, so a quick tap back and all is well. If you're mending an enfield gearbox, don't do this! Or any other Albion gearbox.

Anyway, I might be trying to fit an Indian bullet Twin leading shoe brake. If it works, I'll put details up so you can do it too, even if you don't own one.