Thursday, 15 December 2011

Been busy...

...though not much with the toybox. Lots of work, sleep, and too bloody cold when I do eventually crawl out of bed. And frustrating delays.
Ordered a parcel of triple bits, which allowed me to rebuild the fork legs. I've done this on all the bikes I've owned, you wouldn't belive the shite you get in them. Came apart fairly easily, though you need a special tool to undo the damper rod. Take a full hex 14mm socket, and squash two flats together in a vice until it grips the noggin on the end of the damper. Then, find every extension bar you have, and your lodgers/neighbours/Dads, and put them together so you can get down the fork leg.
Putting together was a pain. First, the paint took a while to get right. No matter how tasty the girl at Wickes is, their paint won't get better! Second problem was getting the wrong fork seals sent, but full marks to for sending the right ones out very quick.
I also tidied up the fork top nuts. Much as I like a little patina, chewed up bolt heads and scabby machined finishes really p*** me off, especially on my bike! Below are before and after top nuts. I faced off the slight dome on the lathe (the one not done in the pic still had a bit of scarring after machining, but I can live with it). Filed up the flats and the scabby turning on the lower diameter, then some tender loving abuse on the buffing wheel. I'll doubtless get crucified for modding original bits, my excuse is it saves weight :D

I've also painted up the switchgear:

The killswitch gave me some merry fun. There's a little ball that gives it the notches for off-on-off, and a c clip holding the lot together. I ordered a load of c clips online, but what about the ball? At that moment Andy the lodger came into view, and the answer was obvious*...
...the next day, a bemused tatooist was rooting through his piercing bar ball ends helping some fool in a silly helmet mend his knackered old relic.
Dave, who I bought said relic from, popped round today, and I told this tale. "Oh" said he. "The killswitches are rubbish, we just leave them out..."

Finally, a puzzle. These bits were stashed in the empty master cylinder. Any idea what they are? If they're not important I'll probably flog them to a concours type for squillions.

*Andy has a lot of piercings. Think Pinhead in Hellraiser.