Sunday, 24 March 2013

Last bit of enfield woes, for now

Took the head apart today. Mr Barry Atkinson of Pembroke has seen fit to assemble valve gear with silicone!



Both guides and valves are worn enough to rattle, and its uncertain whether all the bits are the right ones-if you mix the wrong valves and collets with the alloy collars, it can fall apart.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

...and some more horrors

Following from a comment on the last post...

Damage to a seating face, and a big lump of silicone blocking an oilway to the rocker pivot

Silicone in the sodding valve collets! Seriously! Actually, I have the previous butchers address on some invoices, maybe I should give him abuse? Prick! So, here's a rundown so far:

Ignition timing set to the full advance figure static
Knackered generator stator
Wrong top gear cog
Worn, brazed and badly filed gearbox selector pivot
Awful wiring
Leaky fuel tap
Stripped threads
M6 bolts in 1/4" BSF holes
Missing primary drive spacer
Wonky clutch
Cracked rear brake drum
Wrong thread nut graunched on to rear brake plate torque bolt
Cracked front brake plate
Wrong nut cross threaded to hold the front brake lever on the brake plate
Random bolts holding it all together
Wrong way round piston
Silicone everywhere
Damaged rod
Dirt and filth inside the engine and gearbox

More fun and joy

Still doing battle with the butchered enfield. I managed to track down a new front brake hub from a continental GT (It's got an air scoop! Cor!), and the wiring is pretty much done.

Since everything I've looked at has been a carnival of horrors, I decided I'd best check the only bit I've not touched, the engine top and bottom end. Good job I did too! Here is how the cylinder looked with the head just removed...

You're really not meant to use any silicon there, and certainly not that much. It seems to be a mix of parts too, the manual said there should be 2 extra head bolts either side of the pushrod tunnel. The holes are there in the head, but not the barrel.
I then spotted the state of the piston, and just this once I can't blame the anonymous cretin. Note where the valves have clobbered the crown, due to the clearances being the wrong way round. Note too how the marking for the front of this piston is in the middle. Genius!

Having said that, I'd have fitted it with the writing readable from the seat, if that makes sense. He hadn't, so still minus points there.
The conrod doesn't look great either, bit of damage here:

So, two questions: is the piston likely to be OK if I dress out the damage, or is it definately scrap? And same with the rod, does that look like enough to condemn it? I'll check the valves to see if they are bent. Problem is, I'm not sure if the cause of the damage was spotted and sorted by the previous rebuilder, or if it has been running like that.

And finally, Crich Tramway are having a classic bike and scooter weekend on the 18/19th May:
I'm hoping to get all my bikes up there, and possibly this here enfield too.