Saturday, 19 November 2011

Stainless steel frustration

A while back I ordered a stainless replica of the 400/4 downpipes. This arrived monday. Tried fitting it last night. Not a bloody chance! Here are how the headers line up where they should join the collector box:

And how they line up when fitted to the box, with old exhaust for comparison:

Bit annoying, but I'll wait until I've had chance to talk to the makers before getting cross.
So, today I took the front end off the triple, leaving it look a bit silly.

Should get some pretty sweet wheelies out it now! Forks are in bits, one lot all cleaned, painted etc ready to go together, the rest in the process of cleaning. Stanchions look OK, a few little pits I'm hoping will take a little superglue. Just missed out on a pretty much as new, rebuilt set of forks. Arse! My own silly fault though. More on that later, including the special squashed socket for removing the dampers-especially for any despairing KH owners who come visiting here.