Saturday, 29 October 2011


Today I've been KH250ing.
Managed to get the number plate/tail lamp bracket painted acceptably. Not a great job, I'm using thinned down wickes paint (cos there's a bloody gorgeous lass on the till, and its in walking distance) in a dusty shed.
Anyway, put the repainted coil brackets and fuse box holder back on last night, followed by the purple tailpiece. This was followed by a brass pin for the seat, followed by bed cos it was 2 in the morning, again. I also threw the excelsior back together and put it in a corner out the way. I was supposed to have been demolishing the bottom wooden shed, so it can be replaced with a concrete machining palace, but I'm starting to think by the time I've done that and dug foundations it'll be snowing, and hence I'll be months with less shed. On the other hand, I don't like messing builders around, and I'll only fill it with shit again.
So, back to the KH. Today I put the bracket on the back, then fitted tank and sidepanels, being as I've still not seen it all dressed in purple. It looks bloody gorgeous, can't wait to terrorize the streets of Derby with a triple's scream :D
To top it off, I put the headlamp on to see if it suited the cheapo cafe racer brackets:

I'm rather pleased :) Amazing how bloody weeks of making stainless bolts shiny, spacers, cables etc make hardly any difference, but a morning slapping bodywork on and you'd think I'll be MOT'ing it next week. Would be nice...
Two generations of stroker have a staring contest.

Talking of MOT's, patched up the 400/4 exhaust for a test on monday. First patch fell off whilst being flogged round the outer ring road-forgotten how much I love that bike. If anyone saw a screaming blue thing ridden by a piss pot and torn jeans, hello! Football traffic soon put an end to that though...perhaps I should take a leaf out of the nimby's trying to shut Firth Rickson at Darley Dale and demand Derby city united or whoever bugger off from near my house.

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